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Sight-Sing iPad App

Announcing a new iPad app to teach sight-singing using Solfa syllables.
The breakthrough in using an iPad is that learners can finally be self-starting, without needing to be able to check their notes on a piano. The app will sound the key chord, play any note or solfa box the user touches, play the whole excercise back, or step through one note at a time.
All the excercises can be transposed at will for a better fit to the voice, or to practice reading in different keys.
There is also a choice of Treble or Bass clefs, or Tenor (Treble down the octave)
108 exercises in 15 convenient chapters use solfa syllables to teach sight-singing from beginner to moderate (all diatonic notes plus raised 7th in minor)
Advanced features include a choice of equal temperament or tuning closer to just intonation.
The app is currently priced at $1.99, (or subject to Apple's standard educational discount), which we hope provides value-for-money compared to a standard textbook.
There is a high quality of discussion surrounding sight-singing in general on the ACDA site. Consequently your feedback or suggestions for further development would be particularly welcomed.
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