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Fairytale music suggestions

I am needing some suggestions on fairytale music that would be appropriate for 6th and 7th graders in a chorus.  Our eight grade is doing readers theatre using fairytales as the theme  and I was wanting the 6th and 7th grades to perform some songs that were written for fairytales.  Walt Disney comes to mind that has created lots of wonderful music for his shows.  Does anyone out there have suggestions on 2 part music that you have found useful?  Thank you.
on January 8, 2014 3:57pm
Hello John,
   Consider using short rounds, chants and unison pieces, or excerpts from other music that relate indirectly to the theatre pieces, instead of longer compositions written for a specific fairy tale or character.  I've done this for shadow puppet performances at the upper elementary level.  For example, the old round Ah Poor Bird could be used for a sad scene, a departure, or a bird; London's Burning for a tale involving fire; Peace Round for a tale involving conflict between siblings; part of Follow the Drinking Gourd for a journey, etc.  Street Cries are another source.  Sweet Oranges! could be used if a piece of poisoned is involved; Here Comes the Broom Man might help a tale with a witch.  The You could change words and phrases as needed to fit your production.
Neesa Neesa ("Winter Moon"--adapted from the Seneca Nation) could be used for a night scene or a winter journey, and there are various other rounds and chants derived from American Indian traditions, like The Earth is Our Mother and the Navajo Now I Walk in Beauty.
Two good sources for material of this type are publications and CDs by The Revels and the women's singing group Libana.  I happen to have on my desk Libana's book A Circle is Cast, and the contents include the title song plus Sure as the Wind, A River of Birds, Autumn Time, Fly Fly Fly, Lachen (Laughing), As I Me Walked, Ancient Mother, Russian Lullaby (no words; sung on "Oo") and Round and Round the Earth is Turning.  (Variously unison, rounds, and some 2-3 part harmonies.)
on January 8, 2014 9:41pm
Hi, John,
'Baloo Baleerie' (S(S)A, published by Alliance, is about the 'fae' or Scottish fairies who are not quite as pleasant as you might expect.
It's a beautiful cradle song sung by Mothers to the little little children.
Here's a link to a performance given by a wonderful ladies choir:
Stuart McIntosh
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