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Need an accompaniment track for your audition, musical or CD?

Location: New York, USA
Accompaniment tracks created for you by a pianist / accompanist from New York City. I do everything online, and can mix your track or CD for you as well. I studied piano at Hunter College, and can sight read / know most Broadway standards (and a lot of the lesser known stuff too). I'm just getting used to how to work my new MIDI equipment. Reasonable rates. Great for people who need to send an audition CD or track to their college of choice, or who are working on a CD and would like some good-quality piano accompaniment.

You send me the music, or the names of the songs, I'll record your part as a Garage Band file, and send you back the GB file, as well as an mp3. You can also send back your vocals, and I'll put them together for you and send you a finished mp3. 

Fast turnaround! 

Here's a few examples of tracks I've made for others:

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