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Help with Ralph Vaughan Williams Fantasia on Christmas Carols

I have a small choir - about 13 or 14 singers - some aging, some pretty good readers and wondered if it was possible to do the Fantasia on Christmas Carols with this many singers?  The big issue is I only have 3 men, 3 altos, and the rest sopranos.  I have seen versions with cello and piano and would like to do it this way as that would work best in our church.  If it is possible to do with this many singers, does anyone know where I can get the version with only cello and piano? 
Or could I possibly rent the cello part?  I do not want to invest in full score as I cannot use it.
Thanks for your help.  I found a nice version on Youtube from Pasadena Master Chorale with celllo and piano so hoping someone can tell me how to do this.
Catherine Nesbit
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