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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

GUEST BLOG: "ACDA Launches 'Fund4Tomorrow'" by Tim Sharp

    The American Choral Directors Association is pleased to announce the launching of “Fund for Tomorrow” — a new way ACDA will be working to grow the base of choral singing involvement and education in the United States. As an association we have come together with a vision “to establish the opportunity for every child to sing in a choir.” The “Fund for Tomorrow” is a critical step forward. ACDA’s “Fund for Tomorrow” will target four promising program areas created as a result of our strategic planning process and focused by this work to move us toward fulfilling this vision. In 2012 our ACDA leadership explored the outcomes of our National Strategic Plan survey and identified areas that we need to address in order to be vital and relevant in this new century as a choral education, performance, composition, and advocacy association. The relevant Repertoire & Standards areas are now working to refine our plan of action, and it is our job going forward to identify those that will help us carry out this work by offering the resources needed to realize these important projects.
       The projects begun and expanded with the “Fund for Tomorrow” will provide children the opportunity to sing in a children’s choir, encourage the creation of new children’s choirs, help fund new student chapters of ACDA, assist in the mentoring of choral directors at various stages of professional growth, and will financially assist students who would like to attend ACDA conferences and sing in our honor choirs.
       The “Fund for Tomorrow” moves us beyond our traditional revenue sources of membership dues and beyond our publication, commissioning, and conference activity. Gifts of any size given to the “Fund for Tomorrow” will be tax deductible, with 100 percent of the donations going toward these projects. This type of advocacy, supported by financial resources, is unprecedented in ACDA’s history. By creating a “Fund for Tomorrow,” ACDA will be able to accomplish our advocacy mission without touching the funding that supports all of its other programs, operations, and activities.
       For more information on the “Fund for Tomorrow,” including levels of recognition and ways to be involved, please visit the Fund4Tomorrow web page. The ACDA “Fund for Tomorrow” allows us to pay it forward as we work to maintain a healthy and growing choral culture throughout the United States and around the world.
       Many thanks are due Tom Merrill for his vision and leadership in developing this fund, as well as to Hilary Apfelstadt, Margie Camp, William Hatcher, and Anne M. Saxon for their support and generous leading gifts.
       In the name of choral advocacy, one of the four major pillars of our ACDA mission statement, I urge all of you to become involved in the “Fund for Tomorrow,” both by making a gift to the fund and by using these new resources to help us give every child the opportunity to experience the choral art.